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Cheshire - Cinnamon Micro-Grants

In partnership with the Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Cinnamon invites local churches in the Cheshire Police Area to apply for a Cinnamon Micro-Grant of £2,000 to help with the costs of setting up a Cinnamon Recommended Project. Please see below for further details. This grant applies to the following Cheshire Police areas: Cheshire West, Cheshire East, Halton and Warrington.

Who we fund

Local church, or group of churches working in partnership, which is a registered charity with up-to-date accounts.

What micro-grants are for

Micro-grants are to help churches with the cost of setting up a Cinnamon Recommended Project.

What we give

Cinnamon Micro-Grants of £2,000 (which has to be match funded to the same value. Match funding can include the value of: cash, gifts in kind, premises, professional pro-bono services, asset items, salaries).

Project Start Date

Churches can apply for a micro-grant up to three months before they start the Cinnamon Recognised Project, or up to three months after they have started the project.

One micro-grant per Cinnamon Recognised Project

Churches may apply for one micro-grant per Cinnamon Recognised Project they set-up. Micro-grants are designed to help kick-start the project over the first year.

For more information visit Cinnamon Network website