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Transforming Churches and Communities Impact Challenge on Safety

The Impact Challenge on Safety is a €10m fund to support organisations across Europe that are working on challenges related to hate, extremism, and child safety, both online and offline. By funding new and existing community projects across Europe, we hope to support initiatives to counter hate and extremism, and help young people to become confident digital citizens.

About the Challenge

At Google, we’re proud of the opportunities our platforms open up, but we are also realistic about the challenges people face on our services and on the wider web. We take our responsibility seriously and invest in people, technology and tools to keep our users safe. Our work with experts on extremism, hate, and child safety has also taught us the importance of building resilience both online and offline. We want to support the work of experts and communities across Europe, including new educational approaches, community projects and innovative technologies, laying the foundations for a more inclusive and cohesive civil society response. By working together on these challenges, on and offline, we can strengthen our collective impact.

Applications for the Impact Challenge on Safety are now open.