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District Prayer Handbook

Day 16Safeguarding Officer

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As always, the Manchester and Stockport Methodist District Safeguarding Group give grateful thanks and praise to all those who work so unselfishly to support safeguarding across the District, and to enable our churches and our members to become genuine sources of hope, welcome, trust and inclusivity.

But so far, 2020 has been a very strange year indeed. We have all learned that there are different ways of doing things, some which are improvements on the old ways, and has shown us some truly positive aspects of how we care for and support one another. However, alongside this we have also seen terrible examples of how we treat one another. 

My personal prayer is that as we continue in our safeguarding work we hear the voices of all those who suffer abuse within our communities in any of its forms and that we offer understanding, compassion and tolerance and share with them the everlastingand all-encompassing love of God.

Dear Lord and Redeemer,

Give us your strength and courage to stand against violence and abuse in its many forms, to support those who suffer discrimination, oppression, intolerance,and injustice and to be ever caring of them. Help us to hear the voices of those who need us to understand and acknowledge their stories and to walk alongside them on their journey. Help them, through us, to experience the compassion and peace of your love, to hear the profound message of the gospel and to see your church as a refuge and a place to heal. Throughout all the continuing changes, help us to consider the needs of all our brothers and sisters, through your love, so freely given.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our friend.   Amen

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