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District Prayer Handbook

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Day 6District Officers

The District Synod is the major consultative and policy making forum of the District.  It is made up of representatives from each circuit and chaired by the District Chair.

The Synod elects representatives annually to the Methodist Conference

The District Council is our trustee body and the district policy making body.  It is made up of one representative from each circuit plus certain district officers.  Amongst its roles are to enable circuits and local churches to advance the mission of God in their localities.

TCC (Transforming Churches and Communities) has been tasked with providing the ‘mechanics of the District Treasury function. In practice, this will mean the day to day management of the District money/functions (grants, cheques, basic reports etc.) and the collation of information for budgeting and assessment purposes.

We give thanks to God for all who are willing to serve as members of the District Synod, District Council and the Conference and for the officers, committee members and all who enable the mission of God though the District.

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